Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zero Punctuation - Satirical game reviews

If you're into any kind of satirical humor, you might very well enjoy this quite a bit. Zero Punctuation is a weekly game review in which Ben Croshaw does quick and concise reviews, i'm not sure if its the rediculously fast talking or english accent or the fact that it seems like he drank 9 too many cups of coffee before doing his reviews that make the entire experience comedic gold. Usually it's a love it or hate it relationship with the Zero Punctuation series but for me it is often a great amount of humor thats guaranteed to relate to any modern gamer. Be sure to take a gander!


David said...

I love this brit :D

adzerodt said...

Hell yeah, ZP is awesome stuff. I watch it every week

Jackbumper said...

First time I saw one of these, it was like "what the f?" But then again, it's quite easy to understand!